Rules For Participation  

Please Keep in Mind that No Certificate Will be issued to the team that does not follow the given rules and sent downloaded project in GMC-2020

Follow these instructions carefully and contact us at : if you're unclear on any the points below:

1) The Completed project has to packaged as mentioned bellow. Projects will be treated as complete only if all the three or any of them is submitted depending upon the project scenario.

            Java Project : JAR File

            HTML Project : .HTML File

            DOT NET Project : aspx File

2) Make a Zip File of your code and put into a folder.

3) Store Screenshots of all the screens or UIs of the project as JPG in a folder titled Snapshots or Create a DOC , PPT or PDF.

       * For a login page , take screenshots of page with correct & incorrect login details.

       * Include screenshots of the related features like change picture / change password.

       * Include the test case for which the screenshot was taken.

4) General Instructions for project documentation:

     * Introductory table of contents.

     * Titles and subtitles.

     * Standard font size ,  style , and color across the documents.

     * Documents can be created in any one of the standard formats : TXT/DOC

5) Design must include attachments with :

       * case diagrams

       * Class diagrams

       * Sequence diagrams

       * ER diagrams

       * Database Schema diagrams

6) We need the DDL script of the Database you have created.

7) We need the backup of your database.

Send complete projects , along with team name / college name / state name /  project name.