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Introduction to Computer, DOS, Operating Systems (Windows/Linux), Word Processing in detail, Spreadsheet (Excel) in Detail, Presentation in Ms-PowerPoint or Equivalent, Outlook Express, FrontPage, MS Access, System Tools, Virus, Internet & E-Commerce and Typing (Word Processing).


What is a Computer, Characteristics of a Computer, Generation of computers, Introduction to the binary system, Components of a Computer, Input units, Output units, Processing units, Storage, Classification of computers, Networking, Software and Installation, Operating systems, Computer languages, Plug ins, Applications of Computer.


Part-I: An Overview of "C" Programming, Control Structures, Macro, Arrays, Pointers, Memory Allocation, Character Handling, String Handling, User Defined Data Types, Functions, Header File Creation, Storage Class, Numerators, Enumerators, File Handling, Graphics, Data Structures, Files.

Part-II: Introduction, Arrays, Stacks, Queues, Linked List, Tree, Searching, Sorting, Binary Search Tree, Graph, Files.


Part-I: Object-Oriented Programming, Data types, Operators and Expressions, Decision statements, Loop control statements, Arrays, Pointers, Structure and Union, C++ functions, Classes, Constructors and destructors, Overloaded operators, Inheritance, C++ I / O, Recent enhancements to C++.

Part-II: Introduction Data Structures, Introduction to C++, Data Structures and their Representation, Stacks, Queues, Trees, Graphs, Sorting Techniques, Hashing Techniques, Advanced Data Structure.


Introduction to Java, OOPs, Java Programming, OOPs in java, Exception handling , Introduction to applets, AWT, Multi Threading, Stream Handling, JDBC-ODBC In Java Networking


Object Oriented Approach in JAVA., Java Applet., Java Console Application., Java Script, DHTML., Java GUI application., Swing in Java, Networking In Java., JDBC-ODBC In Java. Java RMI, Java Beans, Java Servlets, Enterprise Java Beans, Java Server Page.

VB.Net (VB.Net)

Introduction to Visual Basic. Net, Working with VB.Net, Basic of the .Net Framework, Introduction to VB.Net Language, Object Oriented Programming with VB.Net, String, GDI+ and Error Handling in VB. Net, Math and Random Number Functions in VB.Net, Console Application Input / Output, Sorting in VB.Net, Windows Form Application, VB Calculator, Using WMI, File and Folder Browser, File Watcher, Sending E-Mail in .Net, MDI Web Browser, Accessing the Registry in VB.Net, Retrieving Web Page Source from the Internet .Net Slots, Word Processor, Encryption & Decryption. XML Web services. Building Database Applications with ADO.Net.

ASP.Net (ASP.Net)

Introduction to ASP using HTML, Standard Controls of ASP, Other Control of ASP Master Pages & CSS. Creating Simple ASP.Net Web applications with event driven model, understanding ASP.Net server controls, Working with data bound controls, Processing XML files in ASP.Net, Styling XML content in ASP.Net, Consuming Web services in ASP.Net web applications, Configuring ASP.Net applications with web.config, Deploying mobile web applications via ASP.Net.

Oracle PL/SQL or Equalant Software (ORACLE)

Introducing Oracle, Primary Tools, Schema Manager for Tables, SQL for Queries, SQL for Data Manipulation, SQL for Tables, SQL for Views and Sequences, SQL *Plus for Reports, PL / SQL.

HTML & Web page Designing (HTML)

Introducing HTML, Getting Started, Under Standing The Basic Tags, Tags That Affect The Appearance of your text, Indenting and Creating Spaces with & nbsp and Creating Lists, Creating Links, Images ,Tables, Frames, Animation, Forms, CSS, More Text Formatting, Image Maps, DHTML, Internet and Computer Jargon, Fun with Java Script, Adding Music to Your Web Pages.

DataBase Management System (DBMS)

Introduction of Database and DBMS, Advantages and disadvantages of DBMS, components of DBMS, Levels of Architecture, Instance and Schemes, DBMS facilities, Database users, Data dictionaries, Entity Relationship models, attributes, mapping constraints, aggregation, Mapping cardinalities, Entity sets and Relationship sets, Traditional Data Models, Relational Model, Relations, Normalization, Relational Algebra, Tuple Oriented Relational Calculus, Relational Database Design, Demoralization, Overview of Advanced DBMS.


Introduction to PHP, Variables, Operators and Expressions, Loop , String, Control Statements, Functions, Arrays, String Handling , TCIL (A Govt. of India Enterprise) 4 Cookies, Sessions, Forms, HTML Web Page Data Handling, Network Handling, Using MySQL Databases, Sourcing and Configuring PHP, Shopping Cart Application in PHP, Designing PHP-Based Solutions.